As the official representative of the student body, students shall:

Promote more unity, respect, spirit, and cooperation among students, faculty, staff, and administration;

Offer and oversee activities for furthering the academic, social, and spiritual growth of the student body;

Provide a democratic and representative forum that addresses school-related issues affecting the student body;

Represent the concerns of the student body to the faculty and administration regarding academic and disciplinary policies;

Consult with the principal to address students concerns.



Must pass Leadership class with an 80% or better

Must be passing all classes

Must be “Green” for detentions

While in Leadership must pass all classes to maintain status in Leadership

Good standards in school-wide attendance

Must adhere to Richmond Hill High School disciplinary code, and NYC disciplinary code

Must be able to maintain a respectful and positive relationship with C.O.S.A and S.A.

Must participate in leadership sponsored school-wide events/ activities sponsored by C.O.S.A and S.A.