The Leadership office is located in room 112. Any student who meets the requirement can join Leadership. As a member of the student body, you are able to create, plan and execute school-wide events such as the “dances, blood drive, pep rally, Talent Show, community family night, senior events and much more.  Even if you are not a member,  you are welcome to stop by and help in room 112 or the School Store with permission of C.O.S.A. and the store manager.

Leadership encourages positive communication between everyone, so come and converse! When you have been in leadership for a minimum of a year, you will be eligible to run for a Student Association Position. Yearly elections for Student Association (SA) President, SA Vice President, SA Secretary, SA Treasury as well as Senior Officer Positions, Junior Officer Positions, and Sophomore Officer Positions are held in the spring. All members of Student Association serve the Student Body, and welcome ideas, concerns, and feedback.


  1. Be a current student attending Richmond Hill High School;
  2. Students must be passing all their classes, maintain a minimum grade average of 80  and above, for Student Association President and Vice President and Senior Class President, Vice President, you must maintain an average of 85 or above;
  3. Approval must be given by the deans, teachers, and a guidance counselor;
  4. One recommendation is written by either a teacher or a guidance counselor;
  5. Candidates must exhibit the qualities of leadership. Character, service and exemplary behavior in the following school rules and NYC DOE Code of Conduct;
  6. Students must support the mission statement of Richmond Hill High School;
  7. Students must be on track in terms of credits for their respective grade and be “Green;”
  8. Those students seeking the offices of Student Association President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and Senior Officer positions must ordinarily have at least of one year’s experience in student government and be a current junior in good standing;
  9. Senior Officers positions may only be held by Seniors.


The Student Association (senior eligibility only) shall consist of the following:

  1. Student Association President
  2. Student Association Vice President
  3. Student Association Secretary
  4. Student Association Treasury

Senior Officers (senior eligibility only) will consist of the following four elected officials:

  1. The Senior President
  2. The Senior Vice President
  3. The Senior Secretary
  4. The Senior Treasury

Junior Officers (junior eligibility only) consists of the following four elected officials:

  1. The Junior Class President
  2. The Junior Class Vice President
  3. The Junior Class Secretary
  4. The Junior Class Treasurer

Sophomore Officers (sophomores eligibility only) consists of the following four elected officials:

  1. The Sophomore Class President
  2. The Sophomore Class Vice President
  3. The Sophomore Class Secretary
  4. The Sophomore Class Treasurer